Does Gigi Lamanye want a come back with DJ Citi Lyts?

Gigi Lamanye wants Dj Cyti back

Well, they say true love never dies no matter the circumstances. It appears that South Africa’s Gigi Lamanye wants to reunite with her ex DJ Citi Lyts despite the heat she made on him, allegedly accusing him of battery and assaults. The two have a massive history as the late ProKid who is also brother to DJ Citi was also mentor to Gigi.

The emcee wished the late ProKid wasn’t dead as said he was sure he would have intervened in their matter. The separation between the Dj Citi Lyts and Gigi was a top talk in the month of September.

However, Gigi recently took to apologizing for the outburst back then and felt she could have being more patient with him.

She tweeted saying; “I think we all go through the whole ‘I could have done things better’ phase. citilyts_dj I’m sorry . I could have handled the pain better than what I did. I’m on social media saying I apologize the way I unleashed this can of worms. It wasn’t fair nor right. I’m hurt.”

Gigi Lamanye Tweets Out

We fear there might be a hitch along the process of reconciling with her ex as she’s booked an interview with radio host Masechaba Ndlovu’s show to discuss her abuses in the hands of DJ Citi Lyts.

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