Prince Kaybee Eulogizes DJ Sbu In Comic Style

Prince Kaybee Eulogizes DJ Sbu In Comic Style

Prince Kaybee shares the 4 things that will be remembered of DJ Sbu after he dies.

Prince Kaybee seemed was in a clairvoyant mood when he decided to share the four things that he believes will make up DJ Dbu’s legacy after his death.

Before HHP’s untimely passing he wasn’t well known for his notable good deeds and philanthropy, not that there wasn;t any. However, following the recent passing of the artist it seems that his life’s work had suddenly been brought into the spotlight.

The trend of remembering people’s good deeds only after death is one that cuts accross all societies. Prince Kaybee has learned a valuable lesson and has decided to remember appreciate the good deeds on DJ Sbu now that he is alive. In his recent post in instagra, he captioned the 4 things DJ Sbu will be remembered for as ‘after DJ Sbu dies.

  • Mofaya will be the greatest drink in the country…, oh and suddenly, will be a very tasty drink
  • He is gonna get an award for best hustler
  • People are gonna start appreciating and imitating his way of doing business
  • And lastly, he will be labelled as the “The Greatest to ever do it”

He added a laughing emoji to it to indicate that it was all in good fate and fun.

“Dj Sbu papa to me you are great now while you still alive. And when I want energy I buy Mofaya”. Captioned his post.

The Club Controlla crooner is indeed right, as the DJ is known for being a hustler and a philanthropist. He recently just started a business academy. He’s also gone as far as sharing to fans on how to be business minded and having a successful marketing skills. He’s got all of this on his social media accounts.

Dj Sbu

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